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About Us

It’s started with a chair, a table and a gut feeling

6 years ago, a man was busy packing perfume oils into small containers in his home. He sorted out the package on the table before he goes out on the next day to sell it. Little he knew about the fate of this business.

But he believed that everything starts with a dream. He dreamt to create something big that could change his life forever. He stayed true to his instinct and since that night, he never turned back.

It turns out to be an epic journey. From only ‘me’ in the company, now there are ‘we’ in the company.

It was not an easy ride

We started strong but we didn’t have money to fund the business. It was a stumbling block at the beginning but we keep pushing and believing in ourselves.

We introduced One Drop Perfumes to the market in 2007 to fill in the gap in the perfume industry that does not contain alcohol or water, which commonly termed as fine fragrance.

On the few months of its debit, it was tough to break in. Through sampling, advertising and promotional activities, we finally managed to win the customers’ heart when they realized the quality and uniqueness of One Drop Perfumes.

Little did we know where it would lead…

Fortune favours the bold

Since then, One Drop Perfumes has taken the Malaysia market by storm. The figures speak for itself; over 20,000 distributors and independent retailers, more than 10 million boxes sold nationwide and 900,000 happy customers.

The number is also growing in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Kenya and Russia.

We were thrilled and grateful for this achievement.

We believe you are worthy to experience pure perfume oils without breaking the bank. Our range of products comes in various packages to suit your need.

And it all begun with just a chair, a table and a gut feeling.